HU User Experience Center: Product testing for usability and market success

When a new product launches, success or failure depends on the users who share their enthusiasm – or scorn — across social media. This is no time for speed bumps that should have been addressed in development. Is my product a delight to use? Does my service address a documented need? Does my new software harbor fatal flaws? If you’re asking these questions after market intro, it’s too late.

The Harrisburg University User Experience (UX) Center brings technological expertise and strategic capabilities to usability and market research. The UX Center invites businesses, government agencies, academic departments, and others to bring their prototypes and ideas for methodical testing under lab conditions. The UX Center is a specialized facility where new and innovative products, services, and software are probed for appeal, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness – before potential customers do the same.

The UX Center offers students the real-world experience for which HU is renowned. They work with faculty to develop tests that reveal the true user experience, while learning product development, project management, and marketing skills transportable to career opportunities.

The UX Center collaborates directly with global and local partners, startups, and community members. These combined resources equip the center to offer customized, affordable user-experience research, usability testing, and marketing insight for the business community and HU faculty members and partners.

We help assure success from Day One. Get to know us and what we can offer. HU User Experience Center: 10 S. 3rd Street, Harrisburg. For more information, email