Safety & Security

Harrisburg University strives to offer a safe and secure campus. The Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Administration has the primary responsibility for security on campus and is the designated Chief Security Officer. Campus security can be enhanced by your help in following all security policies and by using common sense safety practices such as locking your car, walking in groups, reporting suspicious incidents and protecting your own property by not leaving it unattended. You may report emergencies or criminal activities by calling campus security on (717) 901-5180. For non-emergencies, you may email

Armed police officers from the Harrisburg Police Department are authorized to maintain security of the campus during the day and at night. The Harrisburg Police Department can be reached at 911 for an emergency and (717) 780-6590 for non-emergencies. If you become aware of a crime, observe a suspicious person, or are a victim yourself, promptly report all emergencies to the police.

Sexual Misconduct

Harrisburg University prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, including but not limited to, sexual assault, stalking, dating or domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Such conduct violates the community values and principles of our institution and disrupts the living, learning, and working environment for students, faculty, staff and other community members. In furtherance of this policy, Harrisburg University has adopted the following standards of conduct for all members of our community – students, faculty, and staff, as well as University vendors, contractors, visitors, guests, and third parties – with respect to sexual misconduct. These standards apply equally to all regardless of the sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression of any of the individuals involved.

Sexual Misconduct Policy
Sexual Misconduct Complaint Resolution Process

Alcoholic Beverages

Harrisburg University cooperates in the enforcement of State laws regarding the possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is not permitted on campus by students or by underage persons in an arranged non-campus residence. A person found in violation of this policy is subject to arrest and disciplinary action by the University.

Illegal Drugs

Harrisburg University cooperates in the enforcement of all Federal, State and local laws concerning illegal drugs. Anyone in the possession of, using, or selling illegal drugs on-campus or in an arranged non-campus residence building will be subject to arrest and disciplinary action by the University.


No one is permitted to carry a weapon on campus. Violators will be subject to arrest.

Campus Access

Harrisburg University students and employees have access 24/7 to the University Academic Center with a valid Campus OneCard Alumni and other visitors must check in at the Security Desk attendant and have an appointment in order to have access to the Academic Center.

Campus Maintenance

Harrisburg University maintains exterior lighting to keep the campus well lit. Maintenance personnel inspect the entire campus and building to discover and correct health, safety and maintenance problems. Security related maintenance problems such as locks, doors and windows in need of repair should be reported.

Emergency Response and Evacuation Policy and Procedures

In the event of a significant emergency, notification to the campus community will commence via a text and email alert to personal electronic devices upon confirmation of the emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty or employees. The University will, without delay, and taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the notification system unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency. Any emergency should be reported to the Security Office on 901-5180. Emergency information will be disseminated to the larger community by a website notice. The Director of Institutional Compliance is responsible for the Emergency Policy and Procedure process. The emergency policy and procedures will be tested on at least an annual basis.

Informational Programs for Students

Students entering a University program of study are encouraged to attend new student orientation, which includes a review of policies and rules related to conduct and behavior expected of students. Students receive information on topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault and date rape crimes. If a sexual offense should occur on campus, contact the police and notify the Student Services Office at 717.901.5149. Important immediate actions should include preserving any evidence as proof of a criminal offense and obtaining a description of the alleged offender.

Timely Warning Information

In the event of a sexual assault or other criminal act on campus, the Student Services Office should be notified immediately calling 717.901.5149. Harrisburg University pledges to provide timely warning to students, faculty and employees if a felony act should occur on campus. The University will provide instructions to maintain campus security, which may include lockdown or the cancellation of all classes. For victims of an alleged sex offense, the Student Services Office will coordinate academic options with the student.

Campus Disciplinary Action

In cases of an alleged sex offense, both the accuser and the accused will be required to meet with the Director of Student Services. Both parties may request other persons to be present during the disciplinary hearing. The Director of Student Services will determine whether no action, a suspension, or formal dismissal from the University is warranted. Both parties will be informed of the outcome of any determination.

Additional information and hotline assistance are available at:

National Hotlines:
Drug Abuse Hotline (800) 662-4357
CDC AIDS Information (800) 342-2437
National Runaway Hotline (800) 621-4000
Missing & Exploited Children (800) 843-5678
Youth Crisis Hotline (800) 448-4663
Harrisburg Resources:
Ambulances 24 hours 911
PA State Police (717) 671-7500
Suicide Crisis Hotline (800) 784-2433
Emotional and Substance Abuse (800) LIFE-NET
Hamilton Health Center (717) 232-9971
Pinnacle Health – Emergencies (717) 782-5256
Harrisburg Hospital (717) 782-5678

Contact Campus Security

The annual Campus Crime & Security Report filed with the U.S. Department of Education is available for public review at:

Emergency Notification System

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up for emergency campus alerts via email or text message by logging into MyHU and accessing the e2Campus signup form. Students will find the form under the Student Services tab. Staff and faculty will find it under the Intranet tab. Harrisburg University’s Emergency Notification Service(ENS) is used to communicate with subscribers through voice, text, and email messages, as deemed appropriate in the event of an emergency. Each subscriber can designate up to three contact numbers and specify text, email and/or voice messages. The Emergency Notification Service is designed for use with portable devices and is only one aspect of a layered approach to notifying the University community of emergencies.

Closings & Delay Information: Remember to Dial Before You Drive!

Students, faculty and staff should dial 717.901.5199 to access the University’s operating schedule. Should Harrisburg University open late, close early, or cancel classes for the day due to inclement weather or other emergency, a message will be left on the University’s voicemail at that number. Additionally, the University will post any changes to its operating schedule on the main page of the website.

The University does not follow the lead of any other organization with regard to weather cancellations and/or delays, and it will make every effort to remain open and available to students. If, the University remains open during or following a weather-related event or other emergency, it is up to each student and employee to make a reasonable decision about whether to travel. Safety and common sense should guide decisions. Students are expected to notify their faculty, and employees are expected to report to their supervisors. HU will not make personal calls to students or employees. The University will follow all City of Harrisburg and/or Commonwealth mandated emergency procedures in the event of a weather-related emergency, too.