Someone to provide guidance. Someone to broaden your connections. Someone who once was in your shoes, or someday will be.

A mentor-protege relationship is a valuable part of a student’s experience at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. The Business Mentor Program pairs HU students with professionals in the Harrisburg community.

Any student can benefit from the guidance and connections that a mentor provides. And potential mentors – don’t worry if you’re not in a science or technology field. A mentor provides an unbiased, outside perspective for the student. Mentors provide more than career development. They guide the student in developing soft skills, enhancing professionalism, and gaining insight into lessons about academics, career, and life.

Information for Students

The University’s mentor program starts in a student’s first year of study with the Peer Mentor Program. The purpose of the mentor program is to successfully transition the student from high school to college and from college to career. First-year students are assigned a peer mentor to aid in successful transition to University life.

Peer mentors are returning students who serve as leaders and mentors by guiding a group of new students from Orientation and Welcome Weekend through the first semester by participation in SEMR 100 Cornerstone. Selection of peer mentor candidates is completed during Semester II (Spring) for the upcoming Semester I (Fall) of the new academic year.

Students then transition into the business mentor program. The purpose of the student’s experience is to replicate the employment search process. Each student is responsible for researching and contacting the prospective company or organization, visiting that location, and conducting an informational interview. The business mentor is a successful professional in the local community who guides the student with career-related advice while assisting the student to build a professional network.

The goal of this volunteer program is to link student learning in the classroom with practical application. The business mentor may or may not be the same individual with whom the student completed the career shadowing experience. The student must apply for participation in the business mentor program and obtain the approval of the Office of Experiential Programs.

Questions on how to become a Mentor or the program itself? Contact