When you complete a Harrisburg University internship with partner companies like Microsoft, Google, and Deloitte you grow professionally and become more valuable to the workforce.

While enrolled at HU, students in every major are required to complete an internship. This allows you to create meaningful experiences and connections.

HU internships give you the insight that makes all the difference when entering the workforce. By requiring every student to complete a 135-hour internship and senior project, the university provides you optimum real-world experience. The result? 92 percent of our undergraduates are employed in their fields of study or are enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Marcus Black

Marcus Black, a Management and Ebusiness major completed an internship with the United States Senate under Senator Ben Cardin who is the ranking member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. While enrolled in his internship, Marcus shared, “My internship is going great so far, I have had the chance to network with many people in my field and work on various projects throughout my internship.”

Emily Niskala, a Geospatial Technology student spent her internship with the Monroe County Conservation District. Emily specifically noted that, “ I realize by having conversations with the other GIS intern that HU is the best choice I have made. I am way more prepared and knowledgeable of the field and of GIS in general. Professor Sarvis and Dr. Proctor have truly taught me amazing skills and these skills have lead me to impress my superiors at my internship, and for that I am very thankful.”

Rohini Gubjaru

Rohini Gubjaru, a Management & Ebusiness major with a concentration in Analytics shared, “I think I scored an amazing opportunity as I am here interning at Fulton (Bank). I am learning something new everyday. I work with a great team of people who are always willing to help out. Overall, I love what I’m doing and this opportunity really showed me that there are different careers out there with my business degree.”

Kiara Temple-Pearshall, a Computer and Information Sciences student at HU Philadelphia completed her internship with start-up company, NaturAll Club. Kiara is heavily involved with enhancing the Customer Experience and optimizing the navigational functions of the company’s website. She has been able to gain a wealth of experience in the Computer and Information Sciences field.

Alania Otstot

Alania Otstot, an Integrative Sciences major, spent her internship with Fenner Pricsion Polymers. Alania was very excited to begin her internship to gain more experience working in an actual lab setting. She is excited to share that “I like that the work that I do at my internship is being used and making a difference.”

 Stephen Gayle, an Interactive Media major, has been influential during his internship with Harrisburg University Summer Camps. Stephen’s experience with Social Media Engagement and media production have truly made an impact on the camp. Ryan Korn,  Director of Secondary School Services, Programs and Partnerships, said ” Stephen has truly been an amazing intern. His understanding of social media engagement and media production have been outstanding. He has made a huge impact on our dual enrollment program social media presence and media outlets to showcase what our programs and camps have to offer.” 

Aalliyeh Clinton

Aalliyeh Clinton, a Biotechnology major is completing her internship with Northrop Grumman. Aalliyeh shared, It is a great opportunity, which has built my networking, professional, and laboratory skills. As well as building my knowledge in my career field Nano-technology. I love Northrop Grumman! I have built many bridges for my future through this internship with Northrop Grumman.

Below you will find a list of companies our students have interned with:

  • Lord Berry – MistIQ Technologies
  • Niya Carroll – Ruppert Landscape Companies
  • Aalliyeh Clinton – Northrop Grumman
  • Leah Franciscus – Scribe America
  • Rohini Gubhaju – Fulton Bank
  • Diamond Green – Internal Revenue Service
  • Ashley Greynolds – Harrisburg University – Aquaponics
  • Siham Guerch – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Stephen Jackson – Envision Studio
  • Oluwadeemilade Ogedengbe – Magnificus Corp.
  • Alaina Otstot – Fenner Precision Polymers
  • Olivia Otstot – Dauphin County
  • Pamela Polanco – Footlocker-Champs Sports
  • Emily Niskala – Monroe County Conservation District
  • Frank Seliga – Vanguard
  • Stephen Gayle – Harrisburg University
  • Ryan Wilson – Harrisburg University
  • Judah Graham – UPMC Pinnacle
  • Andrew Lyter – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Treasury