The Harrisburg University Food Science & Technology Center promotes food science & technology research and education through the creation of academic programs and industry partnerships that increase the number of qualified food professionals and support economic development within Pennsylvania and the northeast region of the United States. In support of this mission, the Center supports the following strategic objectives:


  1. Provide undergraduate education in Food Safety and Quality Assurance that produces graduates with a food science foundation and experience in food safety and quality, sensory science research, and biotechnology
  2. Offer professional development training at both the degree-seeking and professional certification levels in food safety and quality, sensory science research, and market research
  3. Host a food safety and quality network that brings together private industry, government, and academic to seek solutions for food safety and quality issues
  4. Actively support the food industry throughout the region by fostering research, collaboration, and product-development support in the Consumer Insights Research Laboratory
  5. Provide experiential and applied learning opportunities for students

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