Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is all about delivering the very best private education at a cost you can afford. That’s why this year we’ve frozen tuition. While other colleges are raising costs, we’re holding firm, keeping HU one of the lowest private university tuitions in the entire state. But offering an affordable price is only part of what Harrisburg University does to make attending college here financially attractive.  Our commitment to partnering with families to find the right financial solutions for every situation has opened the door for thousands of students to proudly walk out of graduation knowing they have a bright future.

A full 100% of our undergraduate student body receives a scholarship up to full tuition.  The bottom line is: we want you at Harrisburg University. For this reason, we’ve kept our tuition affordable — among the very lowest of any private university in the state — and we offer the financial aid opportunities that make it possible for the maximum number of students to attend.




Scholarship or Financial Aid Questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 717.901.5115 or schedule a financial planning session. Additionally, we encourage you to:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). [HU School Code: 039483]
  2. Complete online Loan Entrance Counseling if you plan to request a loan.
  3. Apply for loans if necessary.