By founding and partnering with innovative technology and education firms, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is transforming the educational landscape to produce tomorrow’s leaders and grow the economy.

From a nonprofit that is committed to providing women with more opportunities in the STEM fields, to an educational group that seeks to enhance STEM education in middle schools and high schools, Harrisburg University is clearing a path for tomorrow’s STEM leaders who are poised to change the world. The following are companies and organizations Harrisburg University has partnered with and co-founded to fulfill this mission.

The STEM-UP Network, a community of about 400 people (and growing) across the Mid-Atlantic Region, seeks to eliminate the researched factors that push women to leave STEM careers, factors that include, but are not limited to, uncivil work climate and lack of skills, resources, and networks needed for career advancement.

A social enterprise powered by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, the nonprofit provides women in STEM with real-world strategies, relationships, and a strong community that support their ability to flourish, prosper and advance both personally and in their careers. Learn more about the STEM-UP Network at the following Link.


Build IT Career skills for Employment with an innovative Education model

NuPaths prepares people to perform specific entry level roles in Information Technology (IT) for well-paying and in-demand jobs.  Programs are based on IT employment demands and the specific IT skills needed to be successful in a job role.  In about 6 months students develop IT skills through courses and labs, enhance their business skills, and complete a capstone project.  Students can earn up to 6 industry-recognized IT certifications and receive up to 10 college credits in each program.

Harrisburg University partnered with a seasoned local tech entrepreneur to launch NuPaths because, in the changing Information Technology market, a four-year degree is no longer required for a variety of jobs. IT employers search for people with job-specific skill sets, especially when it relates to technical support, software testing and IT security operation center positions. Many of the IT jobs require skills that can be developed in a fairly short period by focusing on specific tools and certification programs. For more information about NuPaths, visit the following Link.

The mission of Allegro Learning Solutions is to re-energize existing educational materials and create new learning experiences that expand educational opportunities for an anytime, anywhere global audience.  Allegro connects the right content, in the right format, with the right audiences to expand global learning opportunities, develop in-demand skills, and strengthen the global talent pool. Allegro Learning Solutions partners with educational institutions, subject matter experts, and content providers to identify education and training content that prepares institutions, businesses, and individuals to advance in today’s digital world.  Along with our partners, our education, business, and training consulting expertise, a collaborative mindset and an outcomes-focused approach, Allegro enables organizations and individuals to optimize and expand education and training opportunities in a flexible and affordable way. For more information about Allegro Learning Solution, visit the following Link.

Thought, a startup company launched by HU Professor Andrew Hacker, fundamentally changes the way data is processed by embedding every piece of data with artificial intelligence. This means that otherwise ‘dumb data’ that needs an application to become useful, valuable and ‘smart’ and is able to act on its own – understanding where it came from, where it’s supposed to go, and what it has to do. This reduces the need for third-party applications, making data processing a lot cheaper and faster. The blockchain start-up company, backed by HU,  makes data intelligent so it can act on its own, negating the need for an outside application to process it and send it where needs to go. For more information about Thought, visit the following Link.

Mist IQ Technologies is the research and development and Intellectual Property group that supports Thought and has been part of Harrisburg University’s entrepreneur Accelerator since 2016.

MistIQ developed the initial Smart Data hybrid stack and is the driving force behind Thought’s innovative new Artifical Intelligence platform. For more information about Mist IQ Technologies, visit the following Link