Be a Solution Developer, Tool Maker, Decision Support System Designer, and Policy and Practice Influencer.

The Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy (E3) at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology works to connect HU’s faculty and students to change-makers who combine sustainability practices with economic development. With Harrisburg University’s strengths in data science, computer science, information systems, engineering, and management, and biotechnology, the Center is uniquely positioned to focus on interdisciplinary research that that translates science into actionable policy solutions, business practice improvement, and the development of evidence-based decision support tools and systems.

Translating Science to Policy – A Critical Opportunity

The Center for E3 is developing into a premier interdisciplinary center for research on pressing energy and environmental challenges through a focus on pragmatic, evidence-based, actionable policy solutions and decision support tools. Located at HU’s main campus in the center of Pennsylvania’s policy-making process, E3 can act as an important conduit for developing high-level policy and business practice solutions to air, water, energy, and environmental issues.

Combining the depth of rigorous scientific research with the power of cutting-edge data analytics and the development of evidence-based decision support tools and systems, HU’s Center for E3 stands out in the crowded energy space. It is difficult to translate valuable scientific insights into smart policy or business practice because regulators and businesses typically lack easy-to-use analytical tools to understand and implement the science. By focusing on this key science-policy ‘translation gap’ and a solutions-oriented approach, the Center for E3 is well positioned geographically and academically to fill this gap, and influence energy and environmental policy in Pennsylvania and beyond.