Computational Sciences

  Doctorate Program

The Computational Sciences Ph.D. program is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, and innovative initiative that promotes conducting research in science and technology. The program curriculum is designed around the intellectual skills needed in the rapidly changing character of research in the field and its applications in natural sciences. The Computational Sciences Ph.D. Program is an academic, research-oriented graduate program that emphasizes multidisciplinary training in innovative research in computational components and systems of computer science and its applications in natural science disciplines. The program is intended for science and engineering students who need extensive use of large-scale computation, computational methods, or algorithms for advanced computer design architectures in their doctoral studies. A firm knowledge of scientific discipline method theory and practice is essential.

Additional Requirement for Admission to the Ph.D. in Computational Sciences

The following is a requirement in addition to those that are part of the general doctoral admissions requirements:

  • Master’s degree in science or engineering disciplines with a strong background in applied mathematics, statistics, numerical analysis, simulation and modeling, and programming languages.

Program Goals

The Ph.D. Computational Sciences Program will produce graduates who:

  • Perform independent, competitive scientific research;
  • Utilization of the scientific method;
  • Realize computational solutions to real-world problems;
  • Make contributions to the discipline through disseminated results;
  • Adhere to the ethical and moral obligations in all professional activities; and,
  • Promote quality of life through local and global computing systems.

This program is not eligible for CPT or able to accept F-1 students at this time.  To receive an application & catalog for the program,  email at