Information Systems and Information Technologies B.S. Degree




There’s no question about it – IT careers are in demand and the IT industry is changing quickly.

And before you enter the constantly-evolving IT workforce, you need a trusted bachelor’s degree program that prepares students for a world that is growing more technical by the day.

HU’s Bachelor of Science program in Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) merges traditional IT topics with cutting edge ISIT practices and applications. We prepare our students with hands-on practical knowledge of the most important building blocks of today’s information systems and underlying technologies.

With the current trends of big data, mobile computing, virtualization, and cloud services, graduates of our program learn the most up-to-date practices in ISIT and are prepared to tackle real-world challenges of the IT industry.

HU’s ISIT program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on Information Systems, Information Technology, and Computer Sciences. Our program merges traditional academic topics with cutting-edge ISIT practices and applications.
In addition to theoretical understanding, the ISIT program covers the practical knowledge of technologies and their fundamentals, including computer hardware, networking components, mobile devices, and cloud/virtual environments.

The ISIT program prepares students with an integrated set of skills covering:

  • Essentials of computer systems (system architecture, hardware, OS, programming & scripting)
  •  Application, design, and implementation of computer networks and networking components
  •  Application, design, development, and maintenance of databases
  •  IT infrastructure, IT trouble shooting, and related topics
  •  Web technologies and the new paradigms of virtual and cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
    IBM cloud, .NET framework, web applications, web design, etc.)
  •  Mobile platforms, mobile applications and related topics

The purpose of the ISIT program is to prepare IT specialists and highly skilled technicians who are ready to join the ISIT workforce and lead IT projects and assignments.

The Information Systems Information Technologies program explores the main concepts of hardware, software, data, people, and processes. Covering the full spectrum of “data capturing and safeguarding along with data analysis and presentation in accordance with business processes is the general scope of the ISIT program. The social aspects and the role of people in information systems and the underlying technologies are examined within the grand scope of the program.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates of ISIT program are qualified IT professionals who are prepared for careers in a wide-range of IT-related areas. These areas include:
Technical Support Representative
IT Technical Support Specialist
Technical Support Analyst
IT Service Desk Analyst
End User Support Specialist
IT Security Monitor
Junior Security Analyst
Junior Information Security Analyst
Security Threat Analyst
Network Technician
Operations Center Technician
Network Communications Technician


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