Harrisburg University is home to several research centers and institutes, addressing a broad range of interests, issues and industries. These centers provide experiential opportunities for students, serve as a bridge to businesses and organizations, and drive economic development. The links below showcase some of the centers where HU students and faculty are working with government organizations, businesses and others to find solutions for real-world problems.


Centers & Institutes at a Glance

The Agile Lean Center (ALC) provides professional development, certificates, academic offerings, resources, and networks using agile and lean business processes to achieve improved business and project outcomes for state and local governments as well as local and global businesses. These improved business processes are used for Product Development, Software Development, Manufacturing, Business Process Improvement and Value Centered Project/Portfolio Management.

The Analytics Institute provides solutions, research, education and training in both structured and unstructured data analytics. Through strategic partnerships involving leading private and public sector entities as well as entrepreneurs, students and faculty the HU Analytics Institute provides innovative and effective educational programs and community building services.

The Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies (CAELT) advances the use of entertainment and learning technologies across a variety of industries, and aims to build a talented workforce in interactive media and learning technologies, as well as serve as a regional champion of this rapidly growing field, by coordinating with other innovative new media organizations throughout the nation.

The Center for Applied Environmental and Geospatial Technology aims to prepare students for successful careers utilizing geospatial technology. Students are presented with a variety of research and work experience within both the public and private sectors, allowing a broad range of skills to be obtained. The Center provides experiential learning for students through professional development, challenging projects/grants, and current technology exposure, which focuses on interdisciplinary skills. Our ever-growing environmental and geospatial services drive the Center’s interest in expanding our partnerships with a diverse group of organizations and grant programs.

The Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy (E3) was created in August 2017 to connect HU’s faculty, curriculum, and students to change-makers who work to combine environmental protection and sustainability practices with economic development. The Center partners with and solves problems for businesses and governmental entities, focusing on IT, data, and systems-based projects that can support evidence-based decision-making systems, policy development, and practice. ​

The Food Science & Technology Center promotes food science & technology research and education through the creation of academic programs and industry partnerships that increase the number of qualified food professionals and support economic development within Pennsylvania and the northeast region of the United States.

The Government Technology Institute (GTI) provides education, training, resources, and networks in which government technology leaders and professionals can learn, collaborate and explore effective technology solutions for Pennsylvania. The GTI is also the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and represents this University’s ongoing commitment to building meaningful collaboration between government, business and higher education.

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) works with students, faculty, business owners, and partners to bring important scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and academic research to the marketplace in the artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, gamification, biotechnology, manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture sectors.

The Next Generation Enterprise Center employs innovative business models (e.g., increased partnerships and outsourcing) and relies on the emerging “next generation” of digital technologies” (e.g., Next Generation Networks, Next Generation Web, Next Generation Databases, Next Generation Software Infrastructure, etc.). Examples of NGEs include Digital Health, Digital Agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smart Supply Chains, Industry4.0, and many other emerging enterprise models that fully exploit digital innovations.

The Security Center of Excellence aims to be a strategic partner with public sector organizations in their information security and cyber defense efforts by providing innovative and effective educational programs and community building services. The Security Center of Excellence is provides leading-edge education and training to address the current and future needs of information security professionals working in the public sector, and  increases awareness and understanding regarding the importance of information security strategies in safeguarding public and private interests.

The User Experience (UX) Center brings technological expertise and strategic capabilities to usability and market research. The UX Center invites businesses, government agencies, academic departments, and others to bring their prototypes and ideas for methodical testing under lab conditions. The UX Center is a specialized facility where new and innovative products, services, and software are probed for appeal, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness – before potential customers do the same.




For more information on the Centers & Institutes, contact Steven Infanti, Associate Vice President for Marketing, at email Sinfanti@HarrisburgU.edu.