Your success as a student is a priority, and we are committed to making opportunities and resources available to you. Browse this page to learn more about the array of services and programs Harrisburg University provides.
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BRAINFUSE is an online tutoring service that is free to all Harrisburg University students. Students receive live one-on-one sessions with a professional tutor in an array of subjects. The opportunity to submit an essay with questions for professional feedback within 24 hours is also available along with an extensive collection of academic resources available at any time for students to reference.

One-on-One Advising

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor upon enrollment and Student Services provides individual advising. This advising is focused on academic success strategies such as time management, study skills, career aptitude, decision making, and goal setting. Students facing obstacles outside the realm of academics will be assisted and referred to the appropriate services.

Tutoring Program

Individual peer tutors are available in many subjects and are available upon request of an individual student. Tutoring is provided at no additional cost to students at HU, and tutors provide appointments that fit into individual schedules. Sign-up is easy and done through Student Services.

Technology Literacy Program

Students who wish to increase their technology skills are able to choose from an array of computer literacy tutorials provided by individual tutors and partnerships with local organizations.

The Seminar Series

Other institutions might offer one seminar to prepare first year students for college. At HU, four seminars are built into the undergraduate curriculum, to guide you through each stage of Experiential Learning and the development of eight competencies. The first year seminar focuses on the identification of skills and practices associated with success. Discussions and assignments engage you in assessing your own strengths, applying those to setting and achieving academic and careers goals, and charting them in an eportfolio. In the second seminar, you learn to apply resources to planning and obtaining mentorships, projects, and internships. In year three, a member of the faculty guides you with practical advice for completing the remainder of your experiential education. You complete the fourth seminar in your last semester at HU, when you put the finishing touches on your eportfolio in preparation for your career beyond HU. We don’t know of another university that offers this level of career preparation.

Connections Program

The Connections Program is a comprehensive student program aimed at ensuring the success of all new students at Harrisburg University. It includes Student Orientation, Welcome programs each fall and the Freshmen Success Seminar (100 taught during the fall semester). During each of these sessions new students are encouraged to learn more about HU classes, academics, social events, study skills and everything else that will help them to become successful at HU. Connection Leaders are the driving force behind this program. CL’s offer motivation, guidance, knowledge, and support throughout the duration of the program in an attempt to ensure success. Connection leaders are Peer Mentors who help students with transition, and navigate the HU Culture. A returning student may apply to be a connection leader in the Spring Semester.


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